Friday, October 13, 2006

Party Pics, Heron and Egret Pamphlet

Thank you for making the send-off party a great success!

Some photos, taken by Diane, our resident artist, are below. Some folks are missing from them. How did you manage to duck the paparazzi, Claudia?

A couple of clean plastic bowls are still waiting around for anyone who wishes to claim them; one is clear with an orange cover, the other is blue-gray with a clear cover.

I have assembled a pamphlet describing the birds who usually nest in the UTSW rookery. The descriptions come from an assortment of places and were the most informative and interesting ones I could find. They are attributed to their original authors, but I have edited them for consistency, clarity, and brevity. The bird photos come from various web sites, especially

The birds we rescued in August and early September were mostly cattle egrets. The others tend to leave earlier in the season.

I will be in touch again soon about plans for the 2007 rookery season.

Please write with suggestions on how to make next year better for the rookery.

Please also consider volunteering (even an hour a week) at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This should greatly improve our first-aid skills. Kathy says that their current clients are mostly migrating birds injured by gunshots, fences, electrical wires, etc. Hopefully, others down South are looking after the little guys we just sent off.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Map to Egret Send-Off Party

Thank you for your replies to the RSVP about the party tomorrow evening. I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it.

I have not yet heard from some of you; I hope this means we'll be pleasantly surprised.

A map with the party's location is attached to this mail as a PDF.